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A Poetic Return: Selected Works of Artist Wang Yazhong

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Tsubakiyama Gallery is honored to present the series work “Green, Air, and Water” from artist Wang Yazhong.

The creation of the series “Green, Air, and Water” has lasted for nearly 20 years. The works are concentrated expression of the artist’s exploration of life experiences and artistic concepts. The works are based off unconscious and unintentional qualities of abstract expressionism. Each piece of work is created by sudden inspiration or improvisation. The painting process is deeply intertwined with artist’s life experience: spontaneous, and random. Oil and liquid pigments flowing naturally on the canvas, the artist captures the fleeting moments of present, unplanned, and not reproducible.

The series is named after “Green, Air, and Water”. Air and water are essential elements for life, and green metaphors growth and offspring. The painting is filled with an agile sense of fusion and diffusion, indicates the cycle of genesis, growing, prospering, and fading. The works express a poetic and unfettered sense of a free spirit, as well as a translucent state of mind towards invisible, impermanent rises and falls.

About the Artist:

Artist Wang Yazhong, born in 1962 in the city of Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, China; graduated from Tianjin Academy of Fine Art with degree of Oil Painting. Wang lived in U.S. in 1990s.