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Nothing Decays: Selected Non-Figurative Works from Wang Yazhong

We are pleased to announce the coming exhibition “Nothing Decays: Selected Non-Figurative Works from Wang Yazhong” at Tsubakiyama Gallery. The exhibition is composed of oil painting works and ink-wash painting works, illustrating Wang’s latest concept of creation.

Wang’s non-figurative oil painting largely embraces vibrant color and geometric elements; the creating process explores concepts of “deconstruction” and “reconstruction”. “Deconstruction” is where Wang abstracts his decades of life journey and philosophies into symbolic elements of what matters. “Reconstruction” is where Wang captures spontaneity and randomness at the moment of creation. Above characteristics give Wang’s works a unique sense of presence.

Wang’s ink-wash painting inherits his favorites in transience. The works are rooted in an oriental aesthetic pursuit of ethereal tranquility, which ties to one’s inner senses of being and becoming. In his age of late fifties, Wang went back to where he began as an artist: with imagination of everlasting oriental forests and streams, he connects the past to the present.

In the exhibition, we jointly present Wang’s oil painting and ink-wash painting to explore his various artistic profiles as well as to cruise distinctive logic and images between Western and Eastern art spirit.

About the Artist

Artist Wang Yazhong, born in 1962 in the city of Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, China; graduated from Tianjin Academy of Fine Art with degree of Oil Painting. During the stay in U.S. in 1990s, Wang was awarded the Andrea Frank Foundation grants.






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