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Voyage to the Origin - Landscape of the Loess Plateau: Oil Paintings by Ji Jun-Jie

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"Art is always an impulse of return, always one's first answer to nature". 

We are pleased to announce that the gallery will host the exhibition "Voyage to the Origin - Landscape of the Loess Plateau: Oil Paintings by Ji Jun-Jie" at our space in Taiyuan and online. The exhibition includes 26 works on display that are rooted in the artist's perennial life in the countryside. The landscape of the Loess Plateau in the paintings is a blend of solid life experience, with sharp lines and radical colors, involving yet being authentic. The ease of the villages presented freely in the works and the true nature of life itself are intertwined, led audience to deep reveries. 

"Involving yet being authentic” (or translated as “pursuing truth of one’s nature in daily life”) is one of the long-lasting vitality of Chinese art. Authenticity does not lie in the truth of what one sees, or in the reproduction of objects, but in the direct presentation of the inner mind, in the pursuit of the truth of life, in letting the world naturally unveil, and in the pursuit of eternal values. 

At a time when illusional hue and rebellious playfulness have become the norm of art creation, Ji Jun-Jie's works unexpectedly illustrated a type of unique authenticity. Different from long time sitting in a studio oroccasionally sketching outdoor, the Loess Plateau pale-yellow earth and mountains are part of Ji Jun-Jie's daily life. The artist's expression of the landscape subliminally incorporates the vibrant vitality of the infinite nature that will soon turn green in spring, revealing the unique comfort and openness of living in the Loess Plateau village.

In the works the majestic mountains are outlined by sharplines and illustrated with strong expressive colors, turning the stereotypical dreary of the Loess Plateau into the truthfully resilient, adventurous and uncompromising spirit of generations of villagers. The works are made from the artist's authentic life: the pale yet vibrant mountains of the Loess Plateau retain not only the spirit of simple life, but also the reverence for nature's eternal continuity. The present-day sincerity echoes in the ancient, and it is always an impulse returning to the deepest point of origin within. 

The Loess Plateau and the foothills of the Tai-Hang Mountains are the artist's hometown. Life experiences that interact with the environment over time have been gradually internalized as a precious source of creation. It is often thought that perception and awareness of art and aesthetics are mostly related to the individual experience of the viewer; however, the strong tension in Ji Jun-Jie's works actually offers more possibilities: the fresh green of early spring, the breeze of summer, the blaze of late autumn, the boundlessness of winter - the intimate atmosphere of daily life and the sense of timelessness of the distant past, make the works captivating beyond individual experience and cultural differences, becoming an echo of universal human emotions. The authenticity and the echoes beyond individual experience together constitute the rare quality of Ji Jun-Jie's works. 

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近日椿山艺术空间将在线上、线下展览空间展出《原乡 - 别样 · 黄土地 籍俊杰油画作品展》。本次展出的26幅作品扎根于艺术家常年的乡野生活,黄土高原的地貌风景融汇了殷实的生活经验,线条锐利、色彩激越,涉事而真,作品中世界自在呈现的俊逸与生命本身的真性交相辉映,引人遐思。