Token Translucent


    NFT Project

    Token Translucent is a collection created by experimental artist KEI KEI. The creation is rooted in capturing tacit sensations in fleeting moments. Each work is unique and only available on OpenSea: visit the collection

  • NFT Project

    Token Translucent

    Token Translucent No.1

    "I come, I see, I speak. / Language is clouded with time, / the glimmer sinks with the sediment, / a haze of blindness disperses from the center."

    Token Translucent No.2

    "Language is flying: void to void, lightning to lighting. / So much sky outside the body of a flying bird, / and its shadow: a nick of light on the surface of the sea."

    Token Translucent No.3

    "A thing cannot leave a mark on glass unless / it is lighter than shadow, deeper than a cut, sheerer than a blade. / A crack cannot be seen."

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