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Exquisite Romance: Through the Lens of Color, Artworks of Li Wei-Yao

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Exquisite Romance: Through the Lens of Color

Tsubakiyama Gallery will host art exhibition "Exquisite Romance: Through the Lens of Color - Artworks of Li Wei-Yao" at the gallery's exhibition space and Artsy online. The artworks embrace a concept of "color as experience", embarking on an immersive journey that, by engaging all senses, invites audience to think and interact personally with color.

Through Abstract Representations

The exhibition at Tsubakiyama Gallery, "Exquisite Romance: Through the Lens of Color" by Li Wei-Yao, embarks on a vivid journey with color abstraction at its core. The works delve into the essence of color, which transcends a mere visual element to become a profound sensory and emotional experience. Each piece, brimming with a spectrum of colors, invites the audience to immerse in the intuitive and immediate resonances evoked by color. This exhibition serves as an aesthetic experience and an attempt to foster dialogue between the observer and the observed through the language of color.

Academic Perspective: Color Theory and Emotion

Color theory holds a significant place in art history, with pioneering works by artists like Mark Rothko, Johannes Itten, and Josef Albers revolutionizing our understanding of color interactions and their psychological impacts. Through strategic use of complementary and contrasting colors, artists established connections with emotions.

Simultaneously, the exhibition pays homage to the sensory qualities of color elements. Beyond the visual, the thick texture of dense colors inspires cross-sensory experiences: visual, tactile, two-dimensional, three-dimensional, static, and dynamic. Through sensory crossover, viewers can almost "feel" the vibrancy conveyed by the paint.

Complex Harmony: Detail and Diversity

The complex art concept, through dense, vibrant, and texturally rich compositions, celebrates the intricate tapestry of life. This approach contrasts with the restrained aesthetics of minimalism, embracing a visual language filled with detail and stimulation. In complex art, every stroke, color, and texture serves as a microcosm of emotion and narrative, reflecting the multifaceted nature of existence. Works under this concept require active engagement from viewers, encouraging deep reflection and interaction with the art, turning the act of viewing into an exploration of the visual feast and its layered meanings. Complex art is not just a style; it's a dynamic interplay between order and chaos, showcasing the artist's skill in orchestrating a harmonious yet complex visual symphony that resonates with the richness and diversity of human experience.

Modern Interpretation: Color as a Dynamic Character

In Li Wei-Yao's works, color plays an independent, dynamic role, with each hue narrating its own story and emotional expression. This exhibition expands on this idea, showcasing color's ascension beyond a supportive role to become the protagonist. Through modern interpretation, this concept echoes the spiritual beliefs in art by abstract expressionists like Kandinsky.

Color as Experience: Beyond Aesthetics and Form

"Color as Experience" also challenges traditional focuses on aesthetics and form. Each piece freely presents the beauty of exquisite romance while encompassing the ontological significance of color perception — color as a subjective experience shaping reality. Drawing on phenomenological approaches to art criticism, it encourages viewers to question the essence of their perceptions.

Concluding Thoughts: An Immersive Journey

This exhibition is not a direct presentation but more of an invitation and experience: guiding viewers through color narratives, filling the spaces beyond the canvas through personal subjective experiences. Essentially, it is an immersive journey that, by engaging all senses, invites people to think and interact personally with color. As visitors navigate this carefully curated space, they are encouraged not just to observe but to experience: the emotions of color, its textures, and the dimensions it evokes. "Color as Experience" is ultimately a celebration of the intimate connection between hues and sensations, a testament to color's power to shape our perception of the world around us.


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精致的浪漫 - 以色彩作为经验

椿山艺术空间将在画廊展览空间及Artsy在线平台举办展览“精致的浪漫:以色彩作为经验 - 李薇垚作品展”。作品深耕“以色彩作为经验”的创作理念,开启一场沉浸式旅程,通过吸引多重感官,邀请观众思考并与色彩进行互动。


本次在椿山艺术空间展出的李薇垚作品:”精致的浪漫 - 以色彩作为经验”,开启了以色彩抽象为主题的生动之旅。作品探索色彩本质,色彩不仅是视觉元素,也是深刻的感官和情感体验。每一件作品皆充盈着多元色彩,邀请观众沉浸在色彩所能唤起的直观、即时的回响中。本次展览在作为美学经验实践的同时,也是通过色彩语言在观察者和被观察者之间进行对话的尝试。


色彩理论在艺术史中占有显著地位,艺术家马克·罗斯科 (Mark Rothko)、约翰内斯·伊顿(Johannes Itten)、约瑟夫·阿尔伯斯(Josef Albers)等开创性的作品,革新了对色彩相互作用及其心理影响的理解;通过对互补色和对比色的策略性运用,与情绪产生呼应关联。











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