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Glimmers of Subtle Shades and Shadows: Artworks of Guo Hai-Jiang

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Tsubakiyama Gallery is pleased to present "Glimmers of Subtle Shades and Shadows: Artworks of Guo Hai-Jiang". The exhibition visits the unique artistic journey of Guo Hai-Jiang, where he integrates the strengths of Western and Chinese painting techniques to embrace modern aesthetic impressions.

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From a young age, Hai-Jiang showed a profound love for the art of painting and has been deeply engaged in artistic creation throughout his life. Continually exploring the nexus between traditional Eastern and Western painting and contemporary expression, Hai-Jiang seeks truth in tranquility and depth in simplicity. He validates his thoughts through his art, incorporating aesthetic interest spanning through ancient and modern times, as well as contemporary perspectives with intricate arrangement into his works. At the
same time, his long-term deep exploration into ancient architectural art has enriched his works with profound and distant traces of powerful artistry. His works transcend the realities of existence, the physical world, personal sentiment, and ode to scenery, returning to the source of artistic creation. Exploring points, lines, and planes, with a variety of techniques like rubbing, texture strokes, and wiping, his works freely traverse the extremes of sparsity and complexity, and burst with infinite possibilities within vibrant colors.


Hai-Jiang's oil paintings are notably rough and rugged, with angular brushwork depicting untamed vitality across the wilderness. His sunflower series presents potent impact, with intense colors, sharp strokes,
and robust imagery, each element amplifying the wild, vast energy bursting from the fields. In contrast, his autumn lotus piece stands stark and solitary, interpreting the cyclic nature of the seasons with a calm poise. His lotus series leverages the characteristics of oil painting to portray an unfolding, carefree mood. His pond series shifts towards geometric construction and desolate silence, presenting a contrast with the soft, blurred light and shadow, forming the artist's distinctive interpretation of the lotus theme.

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Among Hai-Jiang's most representative ink paintings, those depicting lotus flowers are the most notable. These works capture the far-reaching and expansive spirit of Chinese art while showcasing two distinctive styles: one is the ink presentation, with a balance of abstract and concrete, an elegant spaciousness, and adept use of techniques like double hook strokes, dotting, splashing, breaking the ink, and texture strokes. The other is the interweaving of ink and color, intense yet graceful, seamlessly integrated, and brightly self-illuminating. These pieces demonstrate the artist's narrative technique of merging the flowing brushwork, shifting ink colors, consciousness movement, and modern sensory construction, revealing the
artist's unique aesthetic impressions.

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"The way of painting, as it is said, the universe lies in one's hand, life is all before one's eyes”; Hai-Jiang's works embody the ever-evolving spirit of Chinese art history, blending Eastern and Western modern artistic forms. His approach is one of turning the lawless into law, of distinguishing his law from the multitude, truly standing alone in his uniqueness.

About the artist

Born in 1965 in Taiyuan, Shanxi, Guo Hai-Jiang has had a profound love for the art of painting since childhood, maintaining a substantial amount of sketching in his everyday life. He graduated from the
Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts in 1988, earning a Bachelor's degree. Committed to long-term artistic creation, he has been incessantly exploring the intersection of traditional painting and contemporary art, seeking breakthroughs without being confined to one style. He revels in the passionate interplay between ink and color, yet doesn't neglect his research and studies. Like standing on the edge of a precipice, he has devoted countless years in tranquil pursuit of truth and subtle exploration of depth, using his works to affirm his thoughts. He is committed to walking further down the path of art.