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Growing and Surging: a Rich Imagery of Life - Exhibition of Installation Works from Artist Tang Huawei

Artsy Online Exhibition

Growing and Surging: an Rich Imagery of Life - Exhibition of Tang Huawei's Installation Work

We are honored to present newly created installations by artist Tang Huawei (唐华伟) via Artsy Online Exhibition. The sculptural works are inspired by the art of calligraphy: lines are undulating while air flows through, releasing deep-seated emotions with a dance-like swaying rhythm, with a rich imagery of life.

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Tang's two new groups of stainless steel color-plated sculptural installations, "Growth" and "Surge", like his graphic paintings, are inspired by the art of Chinese calligraphy: the lines are undulating, and the air flows through, releasing deep-seated emotions with a dance-like swaying rhythm. In the rich imagery of life, one can appreciate the Zen and ethereal spirit of the East.
The two groups of stainless steel installations took nearly a year to conceptualize, sketch, mold, weld, polish, plate, and assemble. During this period, the artist went through a process of repeated experimentation and polishing around the idea of the works, starting all over again even just minor unsatisfaction on the workmanship. When the final version was about to be produced, it was caught up with the COVID-19 epidemic, which brought the society and factories to a halt, causing art creation came to a standstill; fortunately, the artist has the heart of persistence and lived through the difficulties.
From the creation process of the two groups of works, one can feel how similar the generation of art works and the birth of life are - both have to go through the process of conception, growth, surging, and even painful struggle. The names of Tang’s works "Growth" and "Surge" also make us realize that his art comes from his life experience and understanding of life; at the same time, the unrestrained dynamic lines and saturated colors of his works also contain the artist's abundant creative passion and life force.
From a stylistic or structural point of view, the most striking feature of Tang’s works is the integration of the art of traditional Chinese calligraphy into a modern visual language of shape. The calligraphic lines, such as opening and closing, turning, pauses and setbacks, pitching and tilting, backward and forward, curving and straight, and bowing and yielding, are fully utilized in his works, as well as the rules of styling, such as wanting to be left but right first, wanting to rise but restrain first, seeking movement in silence or in pauses and setbacks. Such lines and shapes form a vivid charm like dancing, alluding to the ups and downs and changes of life: the abstraction of the Eastern style corresponds to the trajectory of life and nature, presenting the most unhindered state of life, and reflecting the oriental wisdom and oriental aesthetic temperament.
Tang’s works are not only structurally vivid and eye-catching, but the colors are also striking. The splendid colors of his works, crystal clear and ever-changing, make one wonder how such sensual colors are given to stainless steel. According to the artist, the colors of stainless steel plating evolve over time in a high-temperature furnace; in the process of color evolution, one can only grasp the hue by feeling without knowing subtle details. This kind of coloring, which evolves naturally between controllable and uncontrollable, is precisely the artist's favorite way of expression: this way of expression is the same as the birth of life, a kind of natural generation - to create surprises in the unknown (of course, it is also possible to fail in the unknown). What is remarkable is that this natural generation of color is itself alive and full of vitality.

Growing and Surging: an Rich Imagery of Life - Exhibition of Tang Huawei's Installation Work
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