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The White Wall above the Fireplace: an Unique Exhibition with "New Normal"

Reclusive Diary by Artist Kei Kei

Tsubakiyama Gallery has always hoped to present a diverse range of artistic practices; we do not set too many rules or judgments on the works, but rather hope that each art form and each work of art will find and inspire its audience.

This time, we present you a special "exhibition", which records a unique and humorous state of being in the process of working from home.

The White Wall above The Fireplace Exhibition Round 1


By Kei Kei

The legendary “nesting at home” new normal life has been going on for several months now.

During this period, I have tried to keep art practice with a highly serious spirit, but strangely enough, no matter how serious the initial idea is, the works always change into some kind of funny form in the end.

I was puzzled and even worried that I would never be able to create serious work again. However, just like painting bright sunshine on a cloudy day, or painting cool shade during hot summer, seeking for happiness is probably one of the human natures.

Therefore, I intend to preserve such a peculiar state of mind; to clean out a white wall above the fireplace, to hold an exhibition here, and to record it with my camera.

Above all, that was the original intention.

Exhibition Video:

About the Artist:

Kei Kei is an experimental artist whose artistic concept is rooted in capturing individuals’ tacit sensations in fleeting moments. The artist’s works are performed in a way where the underlying messages are without being stated. The works are rich in introspection which carries the reflection of externals to one’s own thoughts, memories, and cultural identity.


By Kei Kei